Our services

We offer the following Services :

  • Advertisement in all Newspapers and Magazines
  • Advertisement through Hoarding
  • Writing of Signboards.
  • Mobile Publicity
  • Writing of Banners
  • Preparation of Glowsigns
  • Wall Painting
  • Market Promotion.
  • Preparation of Kiosks.
  • Advertisement by floating of Balloons.
  • Printing Works.
  • Photography.
  • Ad. film making

Hydraulic Van

We are very glad to inform you that we are once again coming up with an another innovative concept of publicity on hydraulic vans. We are specialize to serve corporate companies with their professional taste.


Package Rates (with in the city)

Package Back lit
daily Rate (15 days) Rs. 5550
daily Rate (30days) Rs.5000
daily Rate (90 days) Rs.4500



1. Attractive in the comparison to normal hoardings
2. Elevated on van that move all over the city, can cover whole city in just in 5 day and whole of Assam in just in 60 days.
3. Back lit lighting option on both sides